Sunday, August 4, 2013

Floristry with Australian Native Plants

I recently discovered the Australian Plant Society’s – NSW Facebook page: and was thrilled to see all the wonderful information that’s available about propagating, conserving and appreciating these amazing plants. As I perused the Page further admiring all the beautiful pictures I was intrigued by a post about a meeting being held in the North Shore on “Floristry with Native Plants”. The guest speaker that evening was Jeremy Smith a teacher of Urban Horticulture at the Ryde Campus of the Northern Sydney Institute, TAFE NSW. Jeremy also has extensive experience with growing Australian Native Plants for the cut flower trade at the Wildflower Farm in Somersby. Jeremy was planning to demonstrate how commercially produced Australian native flowers can be used in floral displays.
The next day these gorgeous Banksia bouquets and arrangement were posted for all to see!

Beautiful bouquet with Banksia Coccinea, Strawflowers and eucalyptus.

Banksia Menziesii, strawflower and waxflower arrangement.

More gorgeous coccinea, dryandra flormosa and kangaroo paw wrapped into a hand-tied bouquet.

Not only did their post include pictures, it also had two great videos of Jeremy's presentation - check on the links below:

Floral Arrangements with Australian Native Plants - Part 1

Floral Arrangements with Australian Native Plants - Part 2

With Banksia season just weeks away here in Southern California - I'm already inspired to create my own California Grown Australian-Style Native Bouquet!  Thanks to the Australian Native Plant Society for sharing!


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