Sunday, August 18, 2013

What's in the Basket?

This weekend we decided to create a few new bouquet recipes that would reflect these last few weeks of summer. During the month of August we start to see more and more protea being harvested, varieties like Sylvia, Susannae, Pink Ice and even some of the Sugar Bush. Foliage is abundant in fields right now, with the deep red and green Jester, burgundy Safari Sunset and green Inca Gold leucadendron. In addition, there are the grevillea foliages, Ivanhoe and Red Hooks, both full of texture and color, as well as their flower counterparts, Bush Lollies or Spiderman. 

In this basket, we have protea, leucandendron, grevillea and dainty white waxflower.

Here, we've decided to feature our foliage, the lush leucadendron and textural grevillea and a sprig of calycina too.

This basket of gorgeous blooms includes protea, bush lollies, red alstromeria, leucadendron, grevillea and a splash of pink calycina.

All three colorful bouquets together made for an amazing poolside display - Enjoy!

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