Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bush Lollies

Did you know that Grevillea flowers were a traditional favorite among Aborigines for their sweet nectar? This pollen could be shaken onto the hand to enjoy, or into a coolamon with a little water to make a sweet drink. These lollipop-like flowers are sometimes referred to as the original Bush Lollies, or Bush Toothbrush and Spiderman. Their popularity comes from their willingness to flower and flower and flower. They are also excellent plant choices to bring in the birds, bees and butterflies.

Grevillea is a large diverse genus with about 340 species, mainly of Australian origin. Grevillea flowers can be found in an assortment of wonderful colors, and their texture can only be matched by the pincushion. The charts below provide a quick glimpse of some of the most common varieties being grown and harvested today.

Bush lollies are stunning when displayed alone, mixed with other Australian Native flowers or combined with more traditional flowers.

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