Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Floral Feast at the End of Rainbow

The 2018 American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour made its first stop of the season in Fallbrook, CA on a glorious spring day. These amazing dinners are fun and quite informative and of course, they allow you to cozy up to more flowers than you could ever imagine! The idea behind these ‘floral feasts’ is to bring America’s Flower Farming Families and the surrounding community together for a relaxing and enjoyable evening, all while becoming a bit more informed about agriculture and the importance of buying local.

Resendiz Brothers is located just east of the Southern California coast where a light sea breeze mixed with steep, rugged terrain will never leave you the same. Guests dined on a remote pad situated high up in the hills of Rainbow where colorful pincushions were blooming as far as the eye could see.

During the reception guests mingled while sipping on champagne and nibbling on savory hors d’oeuvres of Endive Spears, Spicy Gingered Carrot Soup and Agave Glazed Pork Belly prepared by Chef Teegan Smith, of Crown Point Catering.

Guests were encouraged to create their own unique floral accessories at a boutonniere bar, make friends with two adorable kids (goats, of course) and to take advantage of the fabulous floral photo props… the limo and a rustic motorcycle cart filled with awesome blossoms, protea wreaths and incredible views.

Special name cards were created and tucked tightly in banksia Integrifolia cones, so guest could save their favorite spot at the table.

Dinner began with a pre-set Bibb Lettuce Salad with the rest of the meal being served Family Style. Platters of Boneless Short Rib with Smoked Gouda Yukon Gold Mash, Farm Ratatouille, Creamy Polenta and fresh Vegetables were passed down the table and savored by all. Geyser Peak Winery provided the red and white wine that perfectly complimented every dish. Truly a fabulous feast.

The evening ended with abundance of ‘Dinner Favors’, swag bags full of floral treats, protea bouquets and even the centerpieces and wreaths going home with everyone.

To see all the upcoming dates and locations for the next Field to Vase Dinners click here. If you are anywhere near these locations, don’t miss the experience!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Rene Van Rems: From Field to Vase

If you’re a fan of Rene’s Bouquets, Rene’s Bouquets for Brides, or any of the floral publications where his books and designs have appeared, our Field to Vase Dinner designer needs no introduction. However, if not… he’s a local resident and internationally renowned designer, author, presenter and instructor. Rene van Rems fills his days consulting, providing hands-on design instruction, as well as doing presentations and seminars for trade groups, garden clubs, horticultural societies and museum fundraisers. He is a member of the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD), The National Speakers Association, and the Professional Floral Commentators International (PFCI).

Busy designer that he is, we were beyond thrilled when Rene agreed to be the featured designer for our American Grown Field to Vase Dinner. He and a team of 15 designers spent two days whipping up a ‘Protea Feast’ for the eyes that dazzled the over 150 guests who attended.

In appreciation for the evening’s spectacular floral artistry, and for all our friends who weren’t able to join us… keep scrolling down to enjoy some ‘Eye Candy’ of your own.

Syndicate Sales, a major sponsor of the Field to Vase dinners, graciously provided all the vases. Their Breeze orange, green and purple bouquet vases added a touch of elegance to our rugged terrain and proteas.

Photos by Carrie McCluskey Photography and Diana Roy

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Farm Tour: San Diego Gardener

Heeding the call of the San Diego Gardener, we opened our farm gate for the second year in a row to this enthusiastic group of passionate gardeners. With 2,150 plant species, San Diego County has more species of plants than any county in the contiguous United States. The geography of the county ranging from salt marshes, lagoons, coastal sage scrub, grasslands, chaparral, oak woodlands, stream sides, mixed conifer forests, freshwater marshes and meadows, to desert makes gardening here fascinating and complex. The San Diego Gardener is dedicated to educating residents about gardening in this rich horticulture environment through their Facebook Page discussions, activities, and events.

Given the abundance of South African and Australian flowers and foliage being grown here in San Diego County, having this group of over 75 tour the farm and experience our day to day activities is a natural fit. With the perfect mix of Proteaceae, we knew it would be the just the place for them to capture some garden inspiration.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Leucospermum Erubescens

Springtime is the most beautiful time of the year in our flower fields. Not only do we have a rainbow of colorful filler flowers, the leucospermum or "pincushion" fields are breathtaking! From yellow to coral and orange to red these gorgeous flowers are a sight to see. But have you seen leucospermum Erubescens? This stunning pincushion has blooms that are bright yellow & orange with red ribboning. The flower head is typically 4 to 8” wide and in clusters of 4-8 small pincushions at the tips of the stems. Each individual flower starts out yellow, gradually opening to reveal a bright crimson-red inside surface, and as the flower ages the yellow hues deepen and change to a reddish-orange. Erubesecens is harvested late winter through early spring.

Other common names for this fabulous leucospermum are Fruit Salad, Langeberg pincushion, orange flame pincushion and Oudtshoorn pincushion.