Sunday, August 25, 2013

Seven Gorgeous Ways We've Turned Feelings into Flowers

Summertime is often associated with long, warm days filled with fun and exciting events like weddings, reunions, birthdays and vacations. Many of these occasions we have come to associate with our favorite things - Flowers. The human population has and will always be controlled by floral products. We love flowers and we love the joy and excitement that they bring to our lives and the lives of others. Simply put: we turn people’s feelings into flowers. That is our passion! Being a flower farmer is exciting, especially when we realize what an important role we play in the lives of so many people. Our flowers eventually become an important part of wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and displays that will one day be a part of a cherished photo album or keepsake. Here are seven ways our flowers have been linked to special feelings or events! 

 Celebrating the 4th of July.

 Enjoying an outdoor summer gathering.

Celebrating a special birthday.

Attending a friend's wedding.

Displays at a favorite vacation spot. 

Celebrating the start of a new relationship.

Attending a family reunion.

What special flower memories do you have?

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