Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Trend Colors: Pantone’s Top 10 Wedding Colors

Autumn may bring a chill to the air, but this season’s color trends are all about warmth: displaying a palette that weaves earthy neutrals with a range of bold colors that reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural for the big day.

It’s FUN to review each season's top Pantone color trends and see what Proteas blend with the palettes. Our favorites this fall are Cashmere Rose and Marsala.

PANTONE 16-2215 Cashmere Rose

A play on the '60s with a twist of today, PANTONE 16-2215 Cashmere Rose is a tactile and soft pink hue that renders exactly what it promises. Cultivated in its richness, Cashmere Rose is a gentle and composed pink that is more upscale than downtown. - Pantone

PANTONE 18-1438 Marsala

Interesting on its own and a wonderful contrast for other hues, PANTONE 18-1438 Marsala is a winey red-brown that adds finesse and savoir faire. Rich and robust, Marsala incorporates the warmth and richness of a tastefully fulfilling meal, while its grounding red-brown roots point to a sophisticated, natural earthiness. – Pantone

And, to go along with this dynamic duel here are two lovely wedding blogs featuring these warm and earthy hues:

A Stunning Styled Bridal Session in Marsala
{Pantone Color of the Year}

What are your favorite fall colors?


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