Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Floral News: Inspirational Stories of the Week

Three-Dozen Floral Designers Transform a Condemned Detroit Duplex with 36,000 Flowers.

Last November, florist Lisa Waud went to a public auction and purchased an abandoned house in Detroit, Michigan—sight unseen. Crumbling and condemned, the aging duplex was filled knee-high with trash, broken bottles, and even a dead dog. Her winning bid: $250. But Waud had a vision. She planned to invite florists from Michigan, Ohio, New York and Canada to fill the house with a temporary art installation of 36,000 flowers. This morning, Flower House opens to the public. After a year of planning and three days of solid labor from dozens of volunteers, Flower House now contains room after room of independent flower designs and installations that flow together to create an immersive blooming environment. The piece is part art installation, part memorial to Detroit’s history, and an effort in sustainability and responsibility to American-grown flower farms. Read more>

Flower House grows from art installation inspiration.

Beyond the crumbling plaster, busted pipes, and peeling paint, a small ceramic plate remains fastened to the wall of an abandoned duplex in Hamtramck.“This is my house,” the plate reads, “and I’ll do as I darn please.” It’s a mantra Hamtramck floral designer Lisa Waud has taken to heart. With the help of more than three dozen floral designers from Michigan, Ohio, New York and Canada, Waud and her friends have taken an unlikely canvas, an abandoned house on the I-75 service drive, and transformed it with flowers, plants and foliage. Read more>

A Detroit Florist’s Vision Turns an Abandoned House Into Art.

Eleven months ago, a derelict house here that is now filled with 36,000 flowers contained far grimmer things. A dead dog. Jammed toilets - untouched for years. Broken glass from beer bottles and shattered windows. Twelve thousand pounds of trash had to be hauled out before Lisa Waud, a florist who bought the duplex at auction for $250, could see what kind of canvas she had purchased. Read more>

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  1. I definitely dream about going to these event venues again. The live music was an added bonus, providing a backdrop for the fun hours spent imbibing, tasting, and chatting up with the breweries and beer distributors.