Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Dryandras are closely related to the Banksias, Grevilleas and Hakea, and like many proteas they have lots of individual flowers clustered into a globe-shaped inflorescences. Some blooms open up like a shaving brush, while others appear to be closed with individual outer bracts. Their colors are usually limited to bronze, yellow and maroon. The foliage can be very erratic, some have very narrow leaves with small jagged edges, others a coarse, fishbone look, or even large leaves like banksias. There are over 90 known varieties of Dryanda all of which are native to Southwestern Australia.

Dryandra Formosa

Dryandra Polycephala

Dryandra Quercifolia

Dryandra Borealis

Dryandra Praemorsa

Dryandra Nivea

An interesting fact: Dryandra seeds are only released during a bushfire or when the plant dies.

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