Sunday, November 6, 2011

Autumn Protea Bouquet Recipe

As we begin our preparation for the upcoming week, it's fun to see and to create the protea bouquets that we will be offering and shipping to our customers throughout the week. It's always a recipe which includes a combination of the gorgeous flowers and foliage harvested over the weekend. This week we are seeing several varieties of protea, colorful banksia and fabulous fall foliage. Watch as we create one of this week's protea bouquets.

First, we select our focal point - the lovely menziesii or often called 'raspberry frost' banksia.

Next, we surround our banksia with stems of leucadendron safari sunset and grevillea ivanhoe.

Add a few branches of leucadendron gandogeri for that extra fall color.

Mix in a colorful assortment of protea - this velvety bloom is protea pristine.

Protea Susara

Protea Red Baron

Protea Pink Ice

Each gorgeous bloom is perfectly placed around our banksia focal point.

 Add a few stems of leptospermum with pods for texture.

Finally, a beautiful autumn protea bouquet - the perfect recipe for creating a warm and inviting display for special occasions and everyday life.   Flowers an everyday luxury – contribute to our sense of happiness and well-being - Enjoy!

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