Saturday, November 26, 2011

Celebrating with Protea

Over the next few weeks, as Holiday Celebrations are taking place throughout the world, I am reminded of a trip I took to South Africa several years ago. Why does this Holiday Season bring South Africa to mind? Well, during my visit I had the opportunity to tour several protea farms and attend the International Protea Association Convention. I enjoyed several luncheons that were graciously hosted by Flowers Farmers and an elegant final dinner. The food and wine were an abundance of savory delights, especially the wines which South Africa is known for! However, Protea is also a South African favorite - the King Protea is their national flower! Each event I attended was creatively decorated with an array of beautiful protea fresh from the fields. So now as we begin our Holiday Celebrations, I want to share some of the decor I saw during my trip with the hope that they may inspire you to make protea part of your celebrations - Enjoy!

Hope your Holiday Celebrations are Extra Special!!!

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