Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unique Wedding Bouquets: The Protea

It's exciting to be posting pictures from Rene' van Rems new book Rene's Bouquets for Brides, and from his recent presentation during the California State Floral Association Annual Event"Bouquet Bash" - "Wedding Floral Demonstration and Fashion Showcase". Here are eight gorgeous bouquets designed using many different varieties of protea - a beautiful choice for wedding flowers with so many rich, earthy colors and unusual textures.

A King protea is already like a bouquet in itself. Here, additional petals were added to make it even larger and fuller - Rene's Bouquets for Brides - page 34.

Knotted loops of two-tone, moiré ribbon are used to create a collar for a bouquet of scarlet ribbon leucospermum, enhanced with clear beads and beaded wire - Rene's Bouquets for Brides - page 101.

A collar of berzelia buttons and black ostrich feathers, ringed by silver tree protea foliage, provides an exotic foil for the bronze cymbidium orchids Rene's Bouquets for Brides - page 100.

Cymbidium orchids, berzelia berries, leucadendron conicum and other tropical materials from Hawaii nestled in the heart of this bouquet - Rene's Bouquets for Brides - page 106.

Protea blue mink, roses, hydrangeas and cotinus - "Bouquet Bash"

Protea white owl, roses, stock, alstroemeria and chrysanthemum - "Bouquet Bash"

Protea king and leucadendron jester - "Bouquet Bash"

It’s obvious, that Protea, although beautiful on their own, become even more spectacular when arranged with other flowers, as they as do in these unique bouquets! To get more information on Rene’ Bouquets for Brides go to:"

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