Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday Décor

The Holiday Season is in full swing, and as Thanksgiving approaches, more emphasis is placed on the importance of color and texture. When we think of this time of year, we often think of the traditional colors - red, orange, yellow and white. While these colors may work for some, others may prefer a little variation – magenta, scarlet, burgundy, pink, coral, persimmon, emerald green and cream. Many of the protea and banksia we are harvesting right now can be found in these rich shades and they have such wonderful textures too! Here are some of our favorite Holiday Decorations – each one with its own unique composition of color, texture and glorious abundance!

Banksia Cornucopia

Autumn Harvest

Protea Repen & Grevillea Flowers

Fall Protea & Banksia Design

Pretty'n Pink Christmas Design

Christmas Cornucopia

Christmas Wreath

Happy Holidays!

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