Friday, October 21, 2011

‘Going Green’ is In

The color of nature, expressing environmental concern, good health and renewal, green is comforting and relaxing, refreshing and revitalizing. Green symbolizes new life and freshness and is a crucial color in flower arranging. It balances arrangements, fills in holes and as a neutral color, provides a resting place for the eye. It’s not often that green is the focus of an arrangement, which is a shame with so many beautiful flowers and foliage to choose from! Here are just some of our favorite blooms in an array of green tones:

Banksia Speciosa

Leucadendron Tintum

Banksia Robur

Leucadendron Elemense

Brunia Albiflora

Leucadendron Discolor


Leucadendron Goblet

Kangaroo Paw Macropidia Fuliginosa

Protea Neriifolia

Banksia Baxteri

Green - The color for all seasons!

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