Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Autumn's Protea Harvest

There is no place I would rather be in autumn than in my protea fields. I always enjoy the amazing display of pink, red and white protea, the sound of bees hard at work and the warmth from the sun as it slowly sets over my fields.

Protea plants line the fields with flowers that have burst into bloom, looking like splendid candles on a Christmas tree.

As the protea harvest begins, each flower is a pleasant reminder of this special season.

And as the sun warms my body, these beautiful flowers feed my soul.

Monday through Sunday we fill up bucket after bucket with vibrant protea.

Never forgetting, it’s always important to take a moment and enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Finally, with each truck load of protea, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to be a flower farmer!!!

"More than anything I must have flowers always, always". – Claude Monet

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  1. Lovely flowers it is. For these to be shipped you need a lot of truckload (ltl) shipment for them to reach its destination.