Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers........

Our World of Flowers!
Our Passion for Flowers!

This blog has been designed to serve as another means for us to share the beautiful, unique and exotic flowers and foliage we see on a daily basis. We hope to inspire you to learn more about Protea and some of the other wonderful flowers we grow.

So on this first day of September let us begin.

Pictured here is Protea King with Protea Fiesta, Red Baron & Susara.

Displayed here are several varieties of Leucospermun or often referred to as "Pincushion Protea", Banksia and Protea Queen, Andrea, Grandecep and Fiesta.

Enjoy these wonderful flowers and pictures and join us as we begin our journey to discover and learn more about these unique Flowers!


  1. Wow, cool! I would really love to visit.
    I found you on the new site, love proteas and would love to take some photos and see your operation!

  2. Great! Give us a call when you are in the area. The best time of the year for photos is the Springtime.