Monday, September 27, 2010


This wonderful genus of the Protea Family consists of some 80 species and many more subspecies and cultivars. Once found exclusively in South Africa’s Cape Floral Kingdom, they have the sexes on separate plants and have distinctive, colorful flowering bracts and varying textures.

Currently, there are a large number of varieties being grown for the floral trade in several countries throughout the world. The best known variety being the New Zealand raised cultivar “Safari Sunset”. In the past, large volumes of leucadendron were shipped from South Africa to Europe, where it was sold in flower markets as “Cape Greens” and treated as a long-lasting filler-foliage. This image has changed with the realization that many leucadendron blooms are beautiful flowers in their own right, and as a result the demand for them has increase dramatically.

All of the varieties feature here were photographed during the late summer months when they take on their brilliant tones of reds, burgundy, and greens—a perfect addition to any fall design or bouquet.

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