Thursday, September 9, 2010

Protea Neriifolia – Oleander Leaf Protea

Another Fall favorite here at Resendiz Brothers! With a velvety touch and Parisian flair – this Protea more commonly called Pink or White Mink embodies sensuality and elegance. Its hardy leathery leaves help protect it against most insect attacks.

Horticulturists were growing Neriifolia in glasshouses in Europe long before it was officially named in 1810. In fact, it was one of the first Protea to be mentioned in botanical literature, and from as early as the 19th century people could buy cream or pink flowering plants from nurseries in England. It was also found in many private collections. Protea Mink's make an elegant and superb long-lasting cut flower.

Protea Pink Mink

Protea White Mink

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  1. Gee, your exact same Protea White Mink photo is actually IDed as P. "Summer Yellow Mink"
    on your own site. Which is correct?