Sunday, September 26, 2010


Often considered the most spectacular genus of the  Protea Family, the eleven species of Mimetes are endemic to South Africa's Cape Floral Region.  The name Mimetes is derived from the Greek meaning "to imitate" which refers to the close resemblance of its toothed leaves to some of its other family member, like Leucospermum or better known as Pincushion. 
Other common names for this species are pineapple bush or red bottlebrush.  These names describe the clusters of bright red, yellow and green terminal leaf bracts with a round, hooded appearance and encased white-tufted flowers which are nestled in the axils of the leaves; and displayed throughout much of the year.
Mimetes is truly one of the most strikingly beautiful of Proteas and is a prized cut flower.

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