Sunday, February 9, 2020

In the Field: Leucadendron Ebony

Proteas are the ‘extraordinary’ something that can change nearly everything. From bouquets of fresh-cut flowers to elaborate arrangements, each inspires a burst of floral bliss and a lot of drama (the good kind). With the season’s abundance of Leucadendron scattered throughout the fields, we turn to a ‘newbie’ here on the farm.

Leucadendron Ebony or also called Burgundy Sunset. It’s stunning and mesmerizing! This Leucadendron was named because of its dark-purple leaf color. But when Ebony blooms in winter, the bracts that surround the ‘true flower’ turn a bright burgundy red. This year’s display is rich and intense. SO. Beautiful.

And for a little history… Ebony is thought to be a combination of Leucadendron Safari Sunset, laureolum and salignum red. This amazing plant was discovered in 2007 in a field of Leucadendron Safari Sunset near Auckland, New Zealand.

It’s no secret that we think this fabulous Leucadendron should definitely be receiving more LOVE from florists and designers for its wonderful foliage and… gorgeous winter flowers!

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  1. Is this variety available for sale to the public at the Temecula Farmers' Market? Thank you