Thursday, January 30, 2020

January Articles of Interest

Yes, native plants can flourish after bushfire.
But there’s only so much hardship they can take...

In a fire-blackened landscape, signs of life are everywhere. A riot of red and green leaves erupt from an otherwise dead-looking tree trunk, and the beginnings of wildflowers and grasses peek from the crunchy charcoal below.

Much Australian flora has evolved to cope with fire, recovering by re-sprouting or setting seed. However, some plants are sensitive to fire, especially when fires are frequent or intense, and these species need our help to recover.

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The Five Habits of Highly Creative People

You know the one who’s always inspiring? She brings interesting points to light in team meetings, aces every task at hand, and energizes the company with her innovative strategies and ideas. Or maybe the creative person you look up to is an old friend with a serious penchant for interior decoration. It could be your culinary-talented father, a local artist, or your favorite author or motivational speaker. Whoever they are, you're always left marveling at not only the vision, but the orchestration and end result, too.

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Flowers as a Gift are Connecting People Emotionally
and are Straightening their Relationships

People are sharing different kinds of gifts with their loved ones, but flowers are still found to be the most impressive gifts by a study. According to the study conducted by Rutgers University, every gift we offer to someone holds a secret message. The study has also found that the gift we choose, especially flowers, affects both the sender and receiver.

Flowers as a gift are viewed by the receivers as more successful, caring and emotional as compared to the other types of gifts. An exchange of flowers between men and women makes them happy and loving people. The study has also found that flowers emotionally connect two people to understand each other’s feeling.

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