Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Leucadendron Heaven

At the height of winter, the leucadendron fields in Rainbow are immersed in botanical splendor. The flowering bracts from a stunning array of species and cultivars flutter through the air like butterflies in search of sweet nectar, floral displays are created in an attempt to embody the landscapes’ beauty, and hints of spring seem to appear around every hillside.

These barometers of the season begin to emerge as winter settles in, blooming from the cold days of January all the way through May. Though often known as "conebush" due to their colorful nuts, leucadendron are considered the foliage side of the Protea Family. Most Leucadendron are indigenous to South Africa, though some varieties have been found in Australia and New Zealand as well. Around 80 known species and countless subspecies and cultivars exist, and all share the same emphasis: the beauty of their foliage. The colorful petals of the leucadendron are called bracts or modified leaves, and the true flower is the cone nestled among their bracts.

Leucadendron Maui Sunset

Leucadendron Senorita

Leucadendron Safari Tricolor

Leucadendron Red Thumb

Leucadendron Candles

Leucadendron Inca Gold

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