Saturday, March 17, 2018

BeBe and Farmer Protea Wedding Inspiration

You KNOW how much we love growing proteas! Well, we couldn’t be more excited to share some homegrown protea wedding inspiration with you. Mel and I got to be on several sides of the wedding fence this month when our friends, Mud Baron and BeBe Lerner tied the knot at the Highland Springs Ranch in the Cherry Valley. Farmer (aka Mud) said they wanted proteas in their wedding but when asked to create the bridal bouquets and centerpieces for the reception, we were thrilled. It’s not too often we get the opportunity to attend a wedding (Mel a groomsmen) and enjoy the flowers we grow and also arranged on the farm.

Let’s just say that, for a farmer who loves proteas, I was in heaven and OMG… that arch! I just love the way this wedding combined the elements of soft and strong – protea, berzelia and Australian wildflowers mixed with the dreamiest of fabrics in hues of pink and white, contrasting with silver place settings. For me, it was the perfect representation of the flowers we’re so passionate about growing!

Fun was a huge hallmark of this wedding day. Like groom - Farmer told Mel not to take his ‘wedding attire’ too seriously… only be sure to wear his hat, I got the impression that neither did the bride and groom, and everything about their big day was playful. From a witty Hawaiian dressed minister, to Bebe’s dogs, Bob and Ben, at her side and Mud’s dog, Patsy playing catch on the dance floor, it was an evening full of fun.


  1. This is just the happiest story! Thanks for sharing the behind-the-scenes love and beauty that Resendiz Brothers Proteas created for Mud & BeBe! They were one very lucky couple to have you as friends! Debra Prinzing

  2. That looked like such a cool and fun wedding! As it should be😂😁