Saturday, March 24, 2018

Leucospermum Erubescens

Springtime is the most beautiful time of the year in our flower fields. Not only do we have a rainbow of colorful filler flowers, the leucospermum or "pincushion" fields are breathtaking! From yellow to coral and orange to red these gorgeous flowers are a sight to see. But have you seen leucospermum Erubescens? This stunning pincushion has blooms that are bright yellow & orange with red ribboning. The flower head is typically 4 to 8” wide and in clusters of 4-8 small pincushions at the tips of the stems. Each individual flower starts out yellow, gradually opening to reveal a bright crimson-red inside surface, and as the flower ages the yellow hues deepen and change to a reddish-orange. Erubesecens is harvested late winter through early spring.

Other common names for this fabulous leucospermum are Fruit Salad, Langeberg pincushion, orange flame pincushion and Oudtshoorn pincushion.

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