Saturday, March 25, 2017

UCCE Master Garden’s Spring Seminar: Growing Together

With the spring equinox just days away, and April right around the corner, we decided to embrace the renewal and return to nature that the season brings with it; it feels particularly sweet after the cold, wet winter. So, stroll along with us as we joined our friends from UCCD Master Gardener Program of San Diego during their Spring Seminar. This year’s theme: Growing Together – Gardening for a Better Tomorrow. It was a fun-filled day to experience what’s new in gardening, get tips from the experts and explore the Garden Marketplace.

One of the least-known treasure troves of information in San Diego County is that over 300 Master Gardeners provide home gardening and pest control information throughout the county, FREE to the public. Master Gardeners are volunteers trained and supervised by the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE). The mission of the UCCE is to conduct research on new pests and issues affecting the county, and to provide research based information to the public. The county of San Diego provides support for the local UCCE office which is known as the Farm and Home Advisor Department. Inherent in the title "Master Gardener" lies the challenge to continue learning and to help other gardeners grow. It's a challenge that everyone who has graduated from the Master Gardener program is committed to meeting.

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