Friday, March 10, 2017

Farm Tour: The San Diego Horticultural Society

Heeding the call of the San Diego Horticultural Society, we opened our farm gate to this enthusiastic group of horticulturists, designers, and passionate gardeners. With 2,143 plant species, San Diego County has more species of plants than any county in the contiguous United States. The geography of the county ranging from salt marshes, lagoons, coastal sage scrub, grasslands, chaparral, oak woodlands, stream sides, mixed conifer forests, freshwater marshes and meadows, to desert makes gardening here fascinating and complex. The San Diego Horticultural Society is dedicated to educating residents about gardening in this rich horticulture environment through their publications, seminars, and tours.

Given the abundance of South African and Australian flowers and foliage being grown here in San Diego County, having this group of 75 tour the farm and experience our day to day activities seemed like a natural fit. With the perfect mix of Proteaceae and Australian wildflowers, we knew it would be the just the place for them to capture some garden inspiration. Come along with us, as we venture around the farm.

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