Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Advocating for America’s Flower-Farming Families

The voices being heard in Washington D.C. this month weren’t solely those of a new administration, they were those of America's Flower Farmers too. Their conversation wasn’t about who won or lost the election, it was about preserving our country’s Flower-Farming Families. Farmers from Alaska to Florida, California to Virginia spent two days conveying an important message to their elected officials - “Origin Matters”. Whether it is to support ‘local’ jobs and the economy, retain generations of flower farming knowledge, share improved sustainability efforts or to simply ensure that they can compete fairly with the daily flow of imported flowers.

This delegation has assembled as a national group (this being the largest yet) in D.C. for the last five years. They gather to share their stories, experiences and pass on some key messages with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. New farmers, small farms, young farmers, big farms and seasoned farmers all working together, advocating for the future of America's Flowers-Farming Families and leaving a powerful impression with members of Congress and with the new administration. The meetings were a success on all measures and the benefits of American Grown Flowers – The highlight.

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