Monday, July 11, 2016

Pink Ice: A Summer Essential

Get your hands on this summer essential! It's that time of year, okay maybe a bit earlier than usual, but the fields will soon be covered in gorgeous Pink Ice Protea!

And, there’s no doubt, we love Pink Ice. Well, “love” is an understatement — We positively adore them! Here’s why…

Pink Ice is one of the hardiest and most prolific plants on the farm! This gorgeous protea has a large goblet shaped bloom surrounded by fuzzy silvery-pink bracts that overlap and a beautiful rose colored central dome with a splash of wine at the tip.

Need a little assistance with your summer ‘mood’ and looking to reduce stress? Pink Ice may be just the flower to meet your needs. They’re not only incredibly beautiful – they are good for you. You’ve heard how the presence of flowers trigger positive emotional feeling and improve life satisfaction, right? Well, Pink Ice might be the perfect flower to help you ‘chill-out’!

Stunning no matter how you arrange them, Pink Ice look great when blended with roses, alstroemerias, tulips, peonies, lilies, etc. or simply bunched on their own. Here are some wonderful ways you can enjoy these awesome blossoms during this HOT summer season.


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