Tuesday, June 28, 2016

CPA Event: Banksia Barbeque

Aren’t banksia amazing? We sure think so, which is why we recently held a ‘Banksia Barbeque’ for protea farmers keen on learning about the intricacies of “bush-fire” seed extraction, and wanting tips on sowing and germination. This California Protea Association (CPA) event was hosted by Dave and Stephanie Baxter at their beautiful farm in Fallbrook.

Mel Resendiz, the CPA President, began by welcoming everyone and thanking the Baxter’s for their hospitality. Diana Roy updated everyone on recent protea marketing opportunities and provided them with a preview of the new CPA poster. Carol Booth introduced new association members and highlighted recent fund raising activities. Ben Gill discussed protea production in South America.

Then on to the BBQ – Mel’s presentation! Most Banksia plants are propagated from seeds and the cones must be more than 16 months old to ensure maturity. If the hard casing, when scratched, is dry and squeaky the seed should be mature.

Banksias have developed different ways of releasing their seeds, but they all require some sort of heat like HOT summer days, brush fires, a torch or as shown here - placed in a barbeque.

Once the Banksia has been roasted for several minutes and allowed to cool, the seeds are removed and are then ready to be planted.

Thanks again to our hosts Dave, Stephanie and their dog Skeeter (seated in front)!

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