Saturday, July 30, 2016

Artwork We Love: Flowers & Inspiring Words

Inspiration – to breathe life into.

Flowers and inspiring words can breathe life into anything and everything you do. Why are inspirational quotes so powerful? For one thing, they can express in words, what you feel in your heart. For another, sometimes it helps to know that you’re not alone, and others have been in the same boots. And, it seems that the 1960s activists who chanted “flower power” were onto something important, in more ways than they probably knew. Flowers, just like inspiring words, are good for our mental health.

So, when you combine beautiful floral imagery with motivational words and phrases that speak to you, it doubles your pleasure, making you stop and acknowledge them. Please enjoy these inspirational quotes and may they help you flourish in ways you never dreamed possible. I find them especially appealing this time of year as words of encouragement as we transition into the harvest season ahead. Which one is your favorite?

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