Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer Alert: Protea eximia (P. latifolia)

It's eximia season here on the farm, and we're putting the spotlight on these gorgeous protea during the month of June. To help you distinguish between the eximia species (oringinally called Latifolia) and its newer cultivars, we put together this handy chart.

Eximia, which means distinguished, is sometimes called rosespoon, ray-flowered protea, and broad-leaf sugarbush. In addition, as featured above, there are several cultivars now being grown and harvested: Cardinal, Susanae, Duchess and Sylvia. These improved varieties with brighter colors and better form, have kept eximia’s popularity alive. The large, colorful flowers have spoon-shaped bracts of reddish-pink and a soft central dome exposing a purplish wine color. While summer is the usual time for flowering, some of the varieties can be found throughout the year. Eximia look splendid mixed in bouquets, garlands or simply displayed by themselves.

From the 1st Kansas City NotWedding to an Elopement in the Woods Inspiration Shoot and more – Here are a few ways we’re seeing these fabulous flower being displayed.

Wedding Bouquet of the Week – Mon Cheri Bridals

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