Saturday, November 21, 2015

Protea: Ever-Flowers

Did you know Proteas are ever-flowers? With proper post-harvest care blooms can last two to three weeks in the vase. Then they don’t die – they dry! Many Proteas retain their structural design and to some extent their color. When mixed in arrangements, they are as permanent as almost anything the botanical world provides.

Is there a second life? According to Martha Stewart Living Magazine Nov. 2015, “It’s a Perfect Union - There’s no rule against combining dried plants with fresh blooms; the effect. In fact, can be unexpectedly striking.” We couldn’t agree more, dried flowers can add unique texture and color to designs.

A Protea Pod or sometimes called “Protea Flat” is the wood-like base and stem of the flower that’s left after the long bracts and center dome is removed. They are great when added to arrangements, bouquets, wreaths and topiaries.

Feeling creative and enjoy crafts? Use dried flowers as raw materials for sculptural inventions. By themselves or in combination with other natural materials, proteas make fascinating ornaments, dolls and other creations.

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