Saturday, November 14, 2015

Instagram: Photos We Dig

10 awesome photos featuring native flowers from East Coast Wildflowers a flower farm and a wholesaler in the Sydney Flower Market NSW. Owner, Craig Scott, has developed a new profile for Australian and South African Proteaceae and other Australian wildflowers on the Australian domestic market. “Craig has helped turn around the perception of Australian natives. He knows how to make them look natural, beautiful and abundant.”
– Flower Addict

Beautiful book Flower Addict acknowledging @craigioscott developing "a new profile for native flowers".

A bucket of goodness and inspiration from @craigioscott, we are so excited to begin our workshop tomorrow.

From grower @craigioscott, I long to be with his flowers again!!

So lucky to have the most amazing native suppliers! Thank you @craigioscott for the spectacular Eucalyptus macrocarpa this week.

Coral Flowering Gum by @craigioscott

The Most beautiful Natives. Stunning... thank you Craig @craigioscott

This week at the club, thank you for all the beautiful flowers @craigioscott !!

Native love ‬ @craigioscott

Blushing Bride I am so happy you are back in season! Thanks Craig they are gorgeous x @craigioscott

Happy to visit with @craigioscott yesterday at the farm and today at market. We love the amazing flowers and foliages we got from Craig.

To see more of Craig’s gorgeous natives checkout his Instagram feed @craigioscott.

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