Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fall Fresh: Foliage

With all due respect to pumpkins and chrysanthemums, fabulous foliage is what really gets us excited about fall each year! From leucadendron to grevilleas, from acacia to eucalyptus, we simply can’t get enough of the season’s fresh botanicals. Looking for color and texture?

Foliage adds so much volume, color and texture to arrangements, bouquets and displays. Leaf colors come in a kaleidoscope of shades ranging from yellow-green to gray-green and silvery shades, to blue-green and bronze, burgundy and red hues. And, there are even variegated patterns of green and yellow well as red and green. When it comes to texture, foliage is available in lots of shapes and sizes – long and thin, oval and round, lacey or feathery, with cones, pods and seeds– the varieties are endless! These plants truly stir our imagination and keep us connected to the earth.

The autumn harvest is underway. Be sure to relish the season and make it a time to rediscover these gifts from Mother Nature!

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