Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fleurie: Flowers for Life's Moments

MagnoliaRouge featured blog post- Almond Blossom Inspiration

"This shoot all came together over Instagram!  I know, hard to imagine such beauty could come of such a simple little square photo and a hashtag.  DianaMcGregor contacted me about doing a photo shoot in the almond orchard early this spring.  We got the date scheduled, and then time to figure out who and where." - Laurie Garza, Fleurie

Laurie later explained to me that this opportunity came up solely because of an Instagram picture she posted of a bouquet she created using protea, roses and a mixture of other flowers and greens.  In this up-coming  shoot with Diana McGregor,  Laurie was planning to use flowers in very pale colors - mostly white, ivory and light blues and grays.  She thought cream colored grevillea flowers and protea in shades of light pink and ivory would work best.  In addition, she was hoping to include acacia, berzelia, saxicola, calycina, serruria and any other amazing blossoms we could find.

The photo shoot was a success and seeing our flowers so beautifully displayed was truly inspiring!  


Thank you Laurie and Diana for your fabulous work!

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