Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Beauty: Wonderful Waratah and Beautiful Bouquets

Did you know Waratah is actually a diverse group of flowers that are part of the Proteaceae family?  The name Waratah, an Aboriginal name for “beautiful” comes from the Eora people, the original inhabitants of the Sydney area.  The botanical term for this flower is very logical, seeing that the blooms are big and visible from far away - Telopea which comes from the Greek word “Telepos” literally means “seen from a distance” and these extraordinary flowers can't be missed!

Each bloom is in fact a cluster of flowers consisting of up to as many as 240 individual flowers depending on the species and the plant can grow up to ten feet tall.

And because of its wide range of colors and sizes as well as amazing texture, the Waratah is absolutely 'beautiful' in bouquets!

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