Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Book Review of Fun with Flowers by J Schwanke

A Guide to Selecting, Arranging & Enjoying Beautiful Flowers

All of us here at Resendiz Brothers are big J Schwanke fans! Over the years J has become a part of our team and a very special flower friend. We’ve had the pleasure to work together on four videos featuring our farm and the flowers we grow here in Rainbow. J has traveled across the country and Canada sharing his passion for flowers, telling his stories and those of the flower farmers he's met along the way. Now, J has written this wonderful book which in his words is an "incredible" collection of favorite flowers and friends, creative tips and ideas, fun flower projects and best of all: stories from his flower-filled world. Throughout the pages of this book and you’ll discover over 40 Fun with Flowers Projects and their easy to follow recipes. Here's just a few of our favorite pages:

'Fun with Pin Cushion Protea' page 41 - these amazing flowers are currently in season, and here you'll find some very useful care and design tips.

'Flower Friends' page 42 - Friends truly are flowers in the garden of life.

‘Fun with Protea and Texture’ page 113 – Here J uses King Protea to create a fashion forward Wedding Bouquet and Event Centerpiece. This particular project was also captured on video and can be viewed by clicking here:

Whether you’d like to use freshly picked blooms from your garden or ones you purchased, J's book will show you how to arrange your flowers with ease and enjoy the experience of adding a special floral touch to your home or office. It really is one of those ‘fun’ books that will inspire everyone…from the home gardener to the professional floral designer. Fun with Flowers is available on-line at

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