Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fashion's Floral Love Affair

It looks like floral fashion trends are going to stay with us through 2014 too!  This spring flowers seem to be popping up everywhere, not just in flower fields.  Floral patterns are definitely a spring favorite and a trend that has been in full bloom the last few seasons.

Florals are fun and fashion designers are putting them on everything that a flower can be put on. 

On pillows and yes, with some of my favorite flowers - Protea.

Flowers are being hung from wall to wall and look absolutely gorgeous!

They're on kitchenware, bedding, stationary and watches too!

And, don't forget clothing and handbags with colorful blooms that can go with you anywhere.  It appears like this 'floral love affair' just won't go away and I absolutely Love It!

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