Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Holiday Gifting the Natural Way

The holiday season is upon us, and there’s nothing we love more than adorning our gift packages with nature-inspired trimmings, and we don't even have to venture into the fields to find them. Throughout the year, a wealth of dried protea, foliage, and cones can be salvaged from bouquets, centerpieces and wreaths and re-used as embellishments. But it's certainly not too late for you to muster up some flowers and other botanical materials, your Thanksgiving decor can be re-purposed for Christmas gifting. Or, step outside. Decorations for the holiday are all around you.

For the materials, we incorporate fresh and dried proteas, cones and seed pods. Choosing some traditional holiday colors such as gold, green and silver but also some more non-traditional like pink and brown. Plus, using neutral looking wrapping paper and ribbon provide an added organic and hand-crafted feel.

This year… ‘think outside of the box’ and have fun with your own gift giving this season!

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