Sunday, August 11, 2019

Gum Trees - Corymbia Ficifolia

What’s trending this season? Eucalyptus… from leafy garlands, to lush wreaths and verdant displays this fabulous foliage is showing up everywhere! However, did you know that some varieties of eucalyptus produce a profusion of bright flower clusters during the summer? These flowers are not typical flowers though, as these showy blooms are made up mostly of anthers and styles, rather than petals. And in species like, Corymbia ficifolia, the buds appear in masses on a single stem that develops on the axil of the leaves. These nectar-rich flowers can be found in hues of white, yellow, cream, red, pink, salmon, orange or even bi-colors and the stamens are held in small cup-like bases.

The best part? While they look amazing outside high up in the trees, once harvested, these bright, colorful branches look beautiful mixed with other flowers or simply displayed on their own.

Corymbia ficifolia Baby Orange

Baby Orange is loved for its bright orange flowers and compact form. The new leaves appear bronze-red then turn green providing a lovely contrast of color when flowers appear in July and August.

Corymbia ficifolia Wild Sunset

Wild Sunset has beautiful dense foliage with a wealth of bright red flowers delivering an amazing display.

Corymbia ficifolia Fairy Floss

Prefer a softer color palette? Fairy Floss is for you. Stunning, pink flowers decorate the branches.

Corymbia ficifolia Snowflake

If dark green foliage and stunning, white blooms are your thing, then Snowflake is ideal.

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