Sunday, August 25, 2019

Creating a Fall Protea Wreath

We’re starting to see early signs of fall here on the farm! We've dusted off all the wreath making equipment and ordered plenty of extra supplies! Designing and creating a gorgeous Protea wreath is one of our favorite crafts, it's like painting but with a palette of flowers, and it definitely puts you in an autumn mode! With a dozen beautiful Protea, Grevillea Ivanhoe, Honey Myrtle, Banksia Occidentalis and Leucadendron Safari Sunset as well as Galpinii with fabulous cones, we anxiously observe as another unique masterpiece is created.

The wreath... a symbol of welcome, eternity and a joyful spirit! When protea find their way into a wreath they no doubt fulfill the promise of eternity, as they don't die they dry beautifully and become timeless!

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