Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Warm Apricot & Cherry Crisp

Is there anything better to eat during the summer than fresh fruit picked right off the tree, I especially love apricots! When I looked outside this weekend and saw my tree was loaded with fruit, I knew it was time to get inspired.

And while apricots are oh so good fresh, they also cook up into the most scrumptious jams and tarts. Once I harvested a basket of apricots, I grabbed my new Wine Country Table cookbook to see what sweet treat I could whip up for everyone in the office. This new cookbook by the Wine Institute celebrates California's bountiful harvest and the sustainable soul behind the farmers who grow it. As I perused the pages, I found a recipe for a Warm Apricot and Cherry Crisp. How clever of nature to ripen apricots and cherries at the same time; I love the combination of the sweetness of apricots with tartness of the cherries, they pair so well together.

I had the apricots, but I still needed the rest of the ingredients. I visited my local farmer's market in search of California Grown cherries and walnuts, and then off to the grocery store for more baking essentials.

Ready to bake, I halved and pitted the apricots and cherries. Then tossed them with a little sugar and tapioca to thicken their juices, added a crunchy oat and walnut topping, and baked until bubbly. The sweet aroma filled the office!

As the crisp baked Mel created a cherry-apricot inspired bouquet to adorn the table. The way I see it, nothing goes better with food and wine, than California Grown flowers! It seems the Wine Institute thinks so too; Mel is one of the farmers featured in the cookbook. He combined yellow and orange pincushion with cherry red kangaroo paws to match the beautiful warm crisp that was now ready to be devoured.

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  1. Diana,
    Thanks for the great post on the recipe from Wine Country Table. I don't have an apricot tree but you've inspired me to pick up a bunch at tomorrow's market and make the crisp. And decorate my table with protea!