Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Flower News: June’s Stories of Interest from Around the World

30 Amazing Protea Wedding Bouquets

Protea plants, also known as sugarbushes, have become a favorite in the wedding world. The blooms—which are native to South Africa—come in a number of different varieties, and each is beloved for its unique shape or color. These include the big king protea, the unusual pincushion protea, and the aptly-named blushing bride protea. Whichever you like, we recommend incorporating it into your wedding bouquet for a bold and beautiful arrangement. For inspiration, look no further than these unique protea wedding bouquet ideas.

There's so much to love about protea flowers.

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Plants & Nations: South Africa

South Africa is one of the most biologically diverse countries on earth. It occupies only about 2% of the world's land area but is home to some 24,000 species, nearly 15% of known marine species and 10% of the earth's plants.

South Africa has 19 national parks including Kruger National Park, a fantastic African safari destination; Table Mountain National Park, regarded as a wonder of nature, and Bontebok National Park with its colorful riches. From September 14 to 18, all national parks are free of charge to South Africans. In this article, we introduce three iconic plants that you can find in the ‘Rainbow Nation.'

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2019 Unexpected Floral Trend – Dried Flowers
A 4,000-year-old trend is making its rounds again!

That’s right - preserving or drying flowers date back 4,000 years ago to the Egyptians. These dried flowers were presented in funeral ceremonies, with each flower being chosen for a symbolic meaning within their religion.

From Ancient Egypt to Victorian England, dried flowers are making their way back in 2019. The growing DIY movement and popularity of natural products is allowing dried florals to see a new light.

This is a great opportunity to let customers know after receiving or purchasing a fresh arrangement, they can hang and dry their flowers to give them more time to appreciate the arrangement.

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