Wednesday, May 29, 2019

In the Field: Banksia Speciosa

Like clockwork… just before the summer solstice, Banksia speciosa are in full bloom. Many of the soft, silvery-gray buds have fully opened to form long, chartreuse cylindrical spikes. Leathery, saw-tooth leaves fan out in a circular pattern from each flower’s base, creating amazing natural designs. Also referred to as Showy Banksia, Green Banksia, Ricrac Banksia or Mint Julep, the name speciosa comes from the Latin speciosus, meaning ‘showy’… referring to the stunning appearance of the plant, particularly its flowers.

With a refreshing and revitalizing mint-green to yellowish hue, these awesome blooms deliver a wealth of texture to arrangements and bouquets.


  1. Thank you for including me in you newsletter list. The more I learn about the family of proteaceae, the more I love them all.
    Still waiting to hear about the possible date in November/December for a wreath making workshop.

  2. Love getting your newsletter!!! Spent years in Hawaii and loved going upcountry and getting fresh protea from the farm there....looking forward to a California trip to visit your farm...we love the opportunity to use these wonderful tropical beauties whenever possible in our flower shop! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just moved to Menifee,CA from Orange Cty of 54years & being a retired floral designer love your unique flower you have managed to become a masterpiece, its one of my favorites because of its originality & beauty that a florists eyes sees. I also enjoy reading your online newsletters.
    Charlotte Sechler