Saturday, May 25, 2019

Flower News: May’s Stories of Interest from Around the World

South Africa wins gold
at the 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower Show

South Africa just won gold at the Chelsea Flower Show for the 37th time. This is reportedly the 37th time in 43 years that SA has been awarded Gold at the international flower show.

Kirstenbosch – who is representing South Africa on the show’s world stage – was awarded their 37th gold for their stunning floral kingdom display – ‘Mountains of Abundance’, reports Traveller24. Kirstenbosch received the award at the 2019 RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Chelsea Flower Show in the UK today.

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A Luncheon With CA Grown & Husbands That Cook

Celebrating the fresh seasonal produce grown in California!

This spring, #TeamFeedfeed traveled to sunny Los Angeles where we hosted an amazing luncheon to highlight vibrant seasonal produce from CA Grown and to celebrate Husbands That Cook's newly launched book.

The setting was Adam and Ryan’s very own breathtaking backyard overlooking the city, filled with beautiful flowers and plants. They have many trails with fruit trees, herb bushes, huge succulents and monumental blue agave plants (I was so tempted to take some succulents back to New York with me!). It was a perfect day filled with lots of sunshine, birds chirping happily and great company. The wonderful and gracious co-host Rebecca Firth, who is a long time friend of Feedfeed and Husbands That Cook, arrived early to welcome the guests and share a few appetizers and salads.

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June: California Grown Flowers Month

For the fifth year in a row, the California Legislature will honor the state’s flower farmers and recognize their contributions to the state’s economy and workforce by declaring June California Grown Flowers Month.

State Sen. Mike McGuire is again putting forth the resolution to “honor the men and women of the California grown flower industry for their dedication and productivity.”

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Research Says Having Fresh Flowers in Your Home
Can Actually Reduce Levels of Pain

Sending flowers to your sick or sad friend might be a universal go-to gift, but the heartwarming gesture is actually more helpful than you think. I know it may be surprising, but there are more to flowers than just a sweet smell and a pretty face—they can have some seriously positive effects on our health, too.

The American Society for Horticulture Science performed a study evaluating if plants have therapeutic influences on surgical patients, and the results are honestly kind of shocking. 90 patients were split into rooms either with plants or without plants, and those with some kind of foliage had wildly different results than those who had not.

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