Sunday, August 12, 2018

In the Field: Banksia Ashbyii

We're feeling inspired this summer with a fresh take on a favorite orange Banksia: Ashbyii or also called Ashby’s Banksia. What appears to be one large, showy cylindrical flower is actually a dense cluster of up to several thousand individual blossoms. Ashbyii’s beautiful orange flowers add vibrancy and texture in the field or garden and is a treat in floral arrangements, bouquets and wreaths.

Speaking of treats, banksia nectar once provided a sweet treat for Aboriginal people, who sucked the flower spike or soaked it in water to make a drink.

After flowering, the spike develops into a woody cone with tightly closed follicles, each containing one or two seeds. The cone or pod performs the all-important task of protecting the seeds until the time is right for germination – which, for most banksias, is after a BBQ or bushfire.

Flower Care:
  1. Keep cool when possible. 
  2. Strip leaves from the bottom half of each stem. 
  3. Re-cut at least 1/2" off each stem and place in cold water. 
  4. Never bash or split stems. 
  5. Replace vase water every day as Banksia are thirsty flowers. 
  6.  Never mist banksias as this could cause black marks to appear.

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