Wednesday, July 25, 2018

July: Summer Design Inspiration

Although the New Year officially begins in January, here on the farm we can’t help but think that July deserves a little acknowledgment too. There’s something about the month, perhaps it’s the fact we’ve reached the year’s halfway mark or maybe because it’s American Grown Flowers Month… that seems to muster up a little nostalgia. With that in mind, these ‘dog days of summer’ aren’t easy to shake off. Whether you’re planning your next summer gathering, catching up on the latest floral trends or simply spending more time outdoors, we’ve created a summer inspired arrangement. A few of our usual favorites are included, like banksia, protea, and erica, with the foliage choices as a nod to the ‘summer essentials’ trend, as well as some lilies and everlastings for an extra splash of color. Below, we’ve broken down the arrangement by the individual stem to give you a better picture of each ingredient.

Protea cynaroides or King

Banksia robur

Erica verticillata

Grevillea Ivanhoe


Leucadendron Christmas Bells

Stargazer Lily


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