Friday, November 24, 2017

The Grateful Table

It’s always a treat to attend ‘Farm to Fork – Field to Vase' events, but this week, in a vineyard right on the 50-yard line between Napa and Sonoma, CA, the human spirit came together in a very unique and special way. Over 500 people gathered in the Napa-Sonoma Wine Country community to honor and support people affected by what was the largest wild fire in the history of California. Farmers, chefs, floral designers, and tourism officials, were in attendance and most importantly, the first responders, the fire fighters, police force, EMTs, even dispatchers who received 1000’s of phone calls for help amidst the October blazes.

Visit California, Outstanding in the Field and destination partners Visit Napa Valley, Sonoma County Tourism, and Visit Mendocino County sponsored what was called ‘The Grateful Table’. In many ways this event marked the beginning of the recovery in the wine country with 100 percent of the proceeds going towards fire recovery efforts.

It was the perfect fall day, blue skies and a vineyard shimmering in vibrant autumn hues. The flowers that garnished the table ‘fit for a King’ were simply stunning. We're grateful to the California farms that donated all the flowers, Syndicate Sales Inc. for the vases, Jessup for providing the transportation and Torchio Nursery who kindly received the boxes. And, a huge thank you to the lead floral design team Venn Floral and the amazing designers who volunteered their time to help make sure the flowers at the center of the table are as beautiful as our treasured wine country! It was a fabulous way to start the Thanksgiving week and let the world know that the Napa-Sonoma communities spirit is uncrushable.

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