Sunday, July 16, 2017

It’s summer: Time for Pink Ice

Pink Ice is truly the perfect summer flower. That's why when August arrives and the heat is on, we say, why not ‘chill out’ a bit… enjoy something hardy and long-lasting? With a few Pink Ice, some gorgeous foliage and the twist of your wrist, this beautiful bouquet will survive any heat-wave!

Pink Ice Bouquet – Here’s What You’ll Need:
  • 5 stems of protea Pink Ice
  • 2 stems of leucadendron Safari Sunset
  • 2 stems of leucadendron Salignum Red Blush
  • 2 stems of leucadendron Inca Gold
  • 2 stems of grevillea Ivanhoe
  • 2 stems of Australian Pine

Leucadendron Safari Sunset

Leucadendron Salignum Red Blush

Leucadendron Inca Gold

Grevillea Ivanhoe

Australian Pine

How to Make It:
In the palm of your hand place a stem of Pink Ice and 2 different stems of foliage. By turning the bouquet slightly in the same direction every time you add another protea and 2 stems of mixed foliage, you ensure that the same stems aren’t placed next to each other as you create the bouquet. The binding point determines the size of a bouquet: if you hold the stems lower down, the bouquet will be looser and the stems will be longer. A slightly higher binding point, holding the bunch of flowers about halfway up the stems will create a more compact bouquet.

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