Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bush Lollies

When it comes to holidays, July 20 has a little something for everyone! Not only is it Mel’s Birthday, Ugly Truck Day and National Fortune Cookie Day, it's also National Lollipop Day!

Ah, lollipops… the kid-time favorite is reminiscent of Disneyland where large twister lollipops are a popular treat. What? Not your idea of a ‘healthy’ treat? Swearing off the fake sugars and dyes? Watching calories?

Well then, delight your eyes (eye-candy) and arouse your fingers with these texture-packed pops. A beautiful bunch of Blush Lollies or grevillea flowers as we call them, may be one of the healthiest treats you can get. These gorgeous lollipop-like blooms are perfect if you’re looking for something a little unusual and screaming with color.

Delightful and ever so sweet, these gorgeous flowers have been satisfying the senses for generations, possibly even for centuries. Did you know that Grevillea flowers were a traditional favorite among Aborigines for their sweet nectar? The pollen could be shaken onto the hand to enjoy or mixed with a little water to make a sweet drink. And, these awesome blossoms are also extremely popular among the birds, bees and butterflies.

Happy Lollipop Day and of course, Happy Birthday Mel!

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