Friday, May 26, 2017

Hortiflorexpo Shanghai: The Banksia

The brighter the better in some cases, and that’s what we’re loving these days when it comes to banksia.

The banksia is a bold and textural bloom that’s displayed in many of our favorite designs. For any season, there’s always a way to make them work no matter what the occasion is. I think the uniqueness of a banksia is what makes it loved by so many of us. When it comes to designing with banksia, the options are seemingly endless. Such an exceptional flower can be transformed by the designer, projecting a different look depending on what else it is paired with it. You can go with natural burgundy, orange or green hues, or add more color to the stems and create a virtual rainbow. I attended the Hortiflorexpo in Shanghai this month, and while in the Lynch Group exhibit, banksias were all the rage.

Here are some of the ways they were displayed throughout the booth.

What color combination do you like best?

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